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Attached to Project: CRUX-ARM
Opened by Jose V Beneyto - 2012-05-08
Last edited by Jose V Beneyto - 2012-05-24

FS#27 - initrd: ncurses is required

We need to cross compile ncurses and later pkgadd-cross them in our clfs in order to build the dialog tool:

checking if you want to use purify for testing... no
checking if you want to use valgrind for testing... no
checking if you want to perform memory-leak testing...
checking if you want –trace option... yes
checking if libtool -version-number should be used... yes
checking if you want to build libraries with libtool... no
checking for specific curses-directory... no
checking for multibyte character support... yes
Looking for ncursesw-config
checking for arm-crux-linux-gnueabi-ncursesw6-config... no
checking for arm-crux-linux-gnueabi-ncursesw5-config... no
checking for ncursesw6-config... no
checking for ncursesw5-config... ncursesw5-config
checking if we have identified curses headers... none
configure: error: No curses header-files found
make: *** [/devel/crux-arm/initrd/work/dialog-1.1-20120215/_install/usr/bin/dialog] Error 1

To fix that (for now) we could just add a README file to initrd.git repository and some informative notes to related wiki pages.

More ideas??

Closed by  Jose V Beneyto
Thursday, 24 May 2012, 19:52 GMT
Reason for closing:  Fixed


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