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Attached to Project: CRUX-ARM
Opened by Jose V Beneyto - 2012-06-01
Last edited by Victor Martinez - 2013-09-15

FS#30 - efikamx: unable to load boot.scr from /boot directory

by default, uboot on efikamx is configured to load boot.scr files from the topdir of mmc and ide devices, but it would be useful to have a similar behaviour than upstream and place bootloader stuff + kernel images, etc. in /boot directory

this is the default boot command for uboot on efikamx:

bootcmd=for device in "mmc ide"; do if strcmp ${device} == mmc; then; mmcinit;
setenv units "0 1"; else; setenv units "0"; fi; for interface in ${units}; do
if strcmp ${device} == mmc; then mmcprobe ${interface}; else; ide reset; fi;
for fs in "ext2 fat"; do setenv loadcmd "${fs}load ${device} 0:1"; if
${loadcmd} ${scriptaddr} boot.scr; then; if imi ${scriptaddr}; then; autoscr
${scriptaddr}; fi; fi; done; done; done;

maybe it will work by replacing boot.scr by /boot/boot.scr?

Closed by  Victor Martinez
Sunday, 15 September 2013, 11:12 GMT
Reason for closing:  Won't implement
Additional comments about closing:  

See Matt's comment about how it's managed currently in upstream u-Boot

Matt Sealey commented on Tuesday, 13 November 2012, 17:10 GMT

Hi guys,

The reason we use boot.scr from a "root" directory is because booting from the root disk is basically unsupported by our U-Boot, unless your root filesystem is on VFAT (not the best idea) or ext2 (not the highest performance filesystem, note journalling ext3 is NOT supported since uncommitted journals on hastily unmounted disks means the kernels and ramdisks may not be valid and U-Boot cannot replay this, it could cause a broken system).

We also do not support changing the environment since this can also cause broken systems and this is not distribution-controllable (once the distro sets environment and changes things, if it breaks, you cannot boot a LiveSD or so to fix it, meaning you bricked a customer system with no recovery method. This is not ideal).

I would ask for this to be closed.

For your information, though, the preferred format for SD cards on Efika MX is as follows;

* MBR partitioning.
* First partition starts at 1MiB or 4MiB. This is to be 128MiB or less for boot (32MiB will do) formatted as ext2 or ext3 with no journal.
* The rest of the disk is up to the distro but the root partition is preferred 4MiB aligned at start to gain best performance (see Linaro speed tests).

The reason for the clear space (1MiB or 4MiB) is the ability to flash a U-Boot to the SD card at position 1KiB into the card and flip DIP switches to use the SD card U-Boot. It also means the entire system. It is preferred any formatting of the PATA drive be done in the same way for consistency's sake.


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